Dempsey Bolton
As Emmett
Charlie Day
As The Mirror
Morgan Desautels
As Jiminy Cricket
Denise England
As The Queen
Laura Jacobsson
As Stepsister 1
Maya Molly
As The Hostess
Heeyun Park
As Snow White
Emily Rutledge
As Cinderella
Kayla Willsey
As Stepsister 2
Kassidy Cusine
As Old Lady #2
Harley Hempel
As Loudmouth Larry
Taylor Pfeifer
As Old Lady #1
Mark Middaugh
As Pat
Jacob McDonough
As Sam
Carly Ness
As AirHead Alice
Hannah Zacharko
As Beth/ Understudy Cinderella


Laura Blackwood
Promotion and Marketing

Ayslan Damato
Assistant Stage Manager

Laura Eschak

Rebecca Firlotte
Stage Manager

Brett Hammerlindl

Patti Hammerlindl
Music Director

Austin Lohouse
Lights/Sound Operator

Mark Richards
Assistant Stage Manager

Rachel Whipple
Props Master

Brian Wissink


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